Information You Need to Know

The information below is provided in an effort to answer frequently asked questions. If your question or concern is not addressed below, please contact us for assistance.


In the Dallas/Fort Worth market, rental availability can change from day to day. Since most properties operate on a 30-day notice basis, it is usually best to look for a new home no more than 30-45 days in advance. Our agents use a network of databases, web based information, industry contacts, personal service and their extensive knowledge of the Dallas/Fort Worth area to assist our customers in finding the best property available to fit their needs. Once a client selects a property an agent verifies availability and rental information before sending a client to visit a property. In order to provide the most accurate information, please contact your agent within 48 hours of your expected property visits.

Average Rental Rates:

1 bedroom 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms
Budget $390-$530 $600-$725 $795-900
Average $555-$705 $750-$1000 $1050-$1250
Luxury $700-$1000 $1050-$1400 $1200-$3000

Rental rates vary depending on apartment location, size, and age of the property and community amenities. Amenities such as covered-parking, garages, washer dryer connections, fitness center and scenic views can affect your rental rate. Also, properties offer many different move in specials which an On The Move agent will share those with each client.

Free Service:

Apartment locating services offered by On The Move are FREE to the renter because the property owner or management compensates us. For our company to receive payment for services each agent asks clients to list On The Move Relocation and the agents name on the rental application and guest card as noted in the example below. Using our service will not change the rental rates, the rents stay the same whether a client goes directly to the property or takes advantage of our time saving service.

Property Tours:

On The Move provides escorted property tours to clients who are new to the area or have difficulty in finding locations and getting around the metroplex. Escorted property tours are only available for clients who are moving within 45 days. When filling out the request information form please include the need for an escorted tour and an agent will be happy to assist you.

Apartments offer on-site amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers and 24-hour maintenance to compensate for the lack of square footage. Most apartments provide refrigerators and on site laundry facilities, possibly washers and dryers in each unit. Apartments communities tend to offer move-in incentives and reduced deposits, lowering the cost of moving. On The Move agents strongly suggest that a renter read and understand the details of a lease agreement before signing.

If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact us